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Exfoliating Mitt


Exfoliating Mitt
To make something great, you need to start with a good foundation ‒ so get the dry skin out of here!

Use this Exfoliating glove, wet or dry, to exfoliate and prime skin for your best tan yet.

Exfoliating microfibers
Can be used damp or dry
Washable + reusable

What it is: a pink glove with exfoliating microfibers.
What it does: Buffs away dry skin, exfoliates, and primes to prep your body before applying Tanning Mousse. Starting with exfoliated skin when tanning will help elongate the life of your tan.
Hop in the shower or simply wet your mitt and give your skin a scrub with this Exfoliating Mitt. No water? No problem! This mitt can also be used dry to exfoliate and prime skin.

To remove existing self-tanner:
Use Exfoliating Mitt, dry or wet, to buff away tanning product from skin. Reuse it until you lose it! This product is good for more than a few tans.