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Tanning Mitt


Tanning Mitt
Hello, good times! Goodbye, tan lines.

The Tanning Mitt + Tanning Mousse are a match made in heaven! Get ready for a streak-free tan without the mess. Rinse and reuse this Tanning Mitt for multiple tans.

Velvety smooth material
Helps you achieve a streak-free tan
Washable + reusable

What it is: A velvety smooth tanning mitt designed to help you achieve a flawless tan without streaking or messy cleanup.
What it does: Shake well, then apply Tanning Mousse to Mitt and rub over the body in circular motions.
Shake well, then add the desired number of Tanning Mousse pumps to Tanning Mitt and apply to clean, exfoliated, dry skin. Use circular motions when applying for a streak-free tan and skin as velvety smooth as this mitt!

Wash hands with soap and water after using. To clean the mitt, rinse in warm water and air dry. Reuse it until you lose it! This product is good for more than a few tans.