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Precision Lash Applicator


Precision Lash Applicator
Take the stress out of lash application!

Our Precision Lash Applicator is perfect for applying silk and faux mink lashes and lash minis! Whether you're a novice or an expert, this applicator can help. Not only will it aid in lash glue application, but it will help you apply your lashes in seconds with precision and accuracy. Poof, all of your application stress is in the past!

1. Use applicator to lift lash out of tray.
2. Place lash band directly above your natural lash line to decide placement and fit to eye.
3. Apply lash adhesive to lash band.
4. After lash is in place, secure your look by pressing together falsie and natural lash with applicator.
5. Clean after use and store in a dry, clean area.