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Nail Buffer


Nail Buffer
The Nail Buffer is a 4-sided block with a grit finish on each side. It’s designed to gently restore your natural nail by removing ridges or imperfections and leaving your nail surface smooth.

Our Nail Buffer is an essential tool for achieving the perfect post-manicure nail restoration. Use to smooth out ridges, even out nail surfaces, and buff away excess product.
  1. Start with clean, dry, natural nails.
  2. Using any side of the nail buffer, use small circular motions on the top of your nail bed, focusing on ridges or imperfections and gently buff away. Because buffing is a mild abrasion to the surface of your nail, it should not be done too often or too roughly.

Tip: Use after removing Nail Dashes. Do NOT use Nail Buffer to prep nails for your next Nail Dash set. It may smooth down nail surface and make it more difficult for Nail Dash to adhere properly.
❤ Easy to use
❤ Smooths out nail ridges
❤ Helps remove excess nail glue
❤ Provides gentle restoration to even out nail surface between Nail Dash sets