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Nail Dash Reshaper


Nail Dash Reshaper
Want to create a medium round shape from your long coffin press on nails? Need to change that medium square into a short round nail? Meet the Red Aspen Nail Dash Reshaper, a press on nail tip clipper to give you the perfect shape and length every time! Get the precise cut you need without the guesswork.

Shape and cut natural and press on nails and nail tips in an instant with the Red Aspen Nail Dash Reshaper.
We recommend starting with Nail Dashes applied.
Place tip of Nail Dash through the opening; cutting blade should be on the other side of the opening to protect fingertip.
Gently squeeze Nail Reshaper to trim Nail Dash to desired length and shape. Repeat as needed.
Clean blades after each use by rinsing with water.
❤ Change up your press on nail shape in an instant.
❤ Easily trim medium and long nails to desired length and shape.
❤ Made of stainless steel.