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Nail Dash Removal Tool


Nail Dash Removal Tool
An easy-to-use tool that helps to remove Nail Dashes. Includes 10 Nail Dash Remover Tools.

Easily remove press on nails with the Red Aspen Nail Dash Removal Tool!
1. When you’re ready to safely remove your press on nails, soak your hands in warm, soapy water for 10 minutes. Optional: Use Red Aspen Cuticle Oil before soaking to help loosen the glue adhesive.
2. Gently thread the Removal Tool between the base of the Nail Dash and your natural nail, gently sliding toward your fingertip to release the adhesive seal. The Removal Tool has a built-in mini pick to help lift stubborn nails.
3. Repeat for all remaining Nail Dashes.
4. Let nails dry completely before applying your next set of Nail Dashes.
❤ Safely removes press on nails with ease