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Mani Clippers


Mani Clippers
Prepare your nails for a flawless Nail Dash application with the Red Aspen Mani Clippers! Starting with the corners and working towards the middle, simply trim your nails to the perfect length. Enjoy tidy, precisely-cut nails that are ready for your next gorgeous Dash manicure!

The Red Aspen Mani Clippers are used to clip your natural nails and Nail Dashes to the perfect length.
1. Start with fresh, clean hands.
2. Flip up and rotate the lever.
3. Start with the corners and work towards the middle of the nail.
4. Align the clippers with the end of your nail, and carefully clip your nails.
5. Clean after use and store in a dry, clean area.
❤ Easy to use
❤ Removable rubber grip
❤ Easy to clean