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Toe Separator


Toe Separator
The Red Aspen Toe Separators are perfect for separating toes to easily apply a new set of Pedi Nail Dashes. Not only are they comfortable, but the silicone design makes them easy to clean. Upgrade your Pedi Nail Dash application with the best pedicure toe separators!

❤ Separate toes for easy Pedi Dash application
❤ Made of soft silicone
❤ Easy to clean with warm, soapy water

Cute, comfortable, silicone toe separators that make pedicure application a breeze!
1. Start with fresh, clean feet.
2. Place toe separators between each toe.
3. Apply your fresh Nail Dash pedicure.
4. Once the pedi is set, remove toe separators.
5. Clean after use and store in a dry, clean area.